23 June 2010

beautiful things...

...it is all in the lighting...

--vacation inspiration--

i have been invisible the past week and a half or so; need a little break from the blog-o-sphere. i will be up and running at full speed next week but until than i wanted to share some photos that i have been hoarding as inspiration...

08 June 2010


i have not been this excited about a target collaboration...ever! it has been announced that target and mulberry will collaborate on a handbag line that will debut later this fall. omg!! my fingers and toes are crossed that they work to mimic the amazing alexa oversized bag that i have been consistently drooling over for the past few months. mulberry bags are simple , beautiful, and have become one of my favorite go to bag brands. (im picky about purses so it is rare for me to find a single bag that i adore let alone an entire line of bags)  with target prices-- i could possibly buy one of each bag they distribute and still not have it amount to a single mulberry. i will be living large.

04 June 2010

...ultimate icon...

if i could mimic the elegance, fury, and beauty of any hollywood starlet-- it would be, without a doubt, dame elizabeth taylor.

03 June 2010

--type 1 accessories--

hankypancreas.com designed a line of accessories for type 1 diabetics. i found out about this from an article and decided to do some of my own research. i think these are just 'lovely'. the pieces are quite beautiful and have a place in my heart. my amazing cousin was diagnosed as a baby and her strength has been a constant source of inspiration for me.the line is not available to the public yet but it made me extremely happy to find that 10% of all future proceeds will be donated to diabetes research. brava.

-- amazing accessories by hanna bernhard--

this jewelry line is incredible. it is big, bold, colorful, and different. hanna chooses to create pieces with various animals, bugs, and faces. they are all so beautiful and creative. nothing boring here.

01 June 2010

--i like the way it moves--

something about the hair in these photos makes me want to get up earlier just so i can work on my editorial waves...than...7AM rolls around and that extra 20 min. of sleep is worth more than a blow dry session. (of course i regret this decision around 2PM when my hair is flat and lifeless...i just pretend that i am trendy and workin' that dirty hair look that was so popular on the runways last season) 

p.s. go big or go...ponytail...

27 May 2010

-- a bit obsessed--

SJP knows where it is! She showed up wearing the impeccable duo of McQueen and Treacy at the Sex And The City premiere. ( I can't get enough) The perfect no fear fashion to mimic  that of Carrie Bradshaw.  Bravo.

25 May 2010


yesterday i posted a blog on philip treacy and his gorgeous hats. well today , to my utter excitement, i found an article that announced a movie about isabella blow, treacys muse. isabella was a fabulous fashion icon until her tragic suicide. she was associated with vogue and from that she became assistant to editor-at-large andre leon talley and hob nobbed with some of the most glamorous people in the world, including: best friend alexander mcqueen, andy warhol, daphne guinness, anna wintour, and joan collins. her story is epic, and her fashion prowess was flawless. her passions inspired  her growth but they also tormented her. i hope this film portrays her with justice.