28 January 2010

Elegant, modern....Iconic

I spent too much time searching through lookbooks today-- lookbooks for iconic women of the past century. I am enamored by certain women who built strong and powerful identities-- they had an ability to look beautiful and had an effortless air about them. Meet some of the women who I look to as icons-- magnifique---

...gloria guiness...



Once called the "most elegant woman in the world" by Eleanor Lambert-- she was a socialite and a serious fashionista. She bought designer duds and had no problem spending her guiness fortune on Balenciaga and Castillo.

...jean seberg...

Jean started a very hot 'pixie' cut trend and wore it with ease. She did some incredible films and became an avid supporter of the black panthers. Not only was she hip but she was fierce. Jean sadly ended her own life at the age of 41 due to her suffering from severe depression.

...mona von bismarck...



Mona was extravagent and once voted the best dressed woman in the world by Coco herself. She was best friends with Balenciaga and was imortalized by Dali. At one time she even ordered 150 Balenciaga outfits at a single sitting-- this lady knew what she liked and had the means to get it. Snap, snap and ohhh snaps.

...greta garbo...

Cheekbones, eyelashes, and an iconic pout. She was glamour all the way and considered the worlds most beautiful woman more than once-- she even has a guiness world title holding the status. 

...clara bow...



Clara had completed 29 movies by the time she was 21 and became a movie screen goddess. She was worked hard by the studios but gladly left an impoverished life for the life of a movie star-- a career that happened almost overnight. Clara was literally called the 'it' girl-- the ulitimate 1920's flapper.

imagine it-- one day i will buy 150 balenciaga outfits in one sitting--just so i can say that i did it--

(Pictures from style.com)

27 January 2010

Colored Pencils and Anime

This photo shoot by Craig McDean for Interview Magazine is amazing. I am in love with everything about it---The set, the clothes, the tone of the shoot-- its like grandma's closet ran into the last air bender who mashed into a leggy graffiti artist and BAM! fabulocity....


 I wish to be this picture--something about it just makes me jealous that this was not me.





Eye candy--pure and total eye candy--

Temptation is E-V-I-L...

I want the Jessica Simpson Cierra Booties (in brown leather and black suede) so badly that I can taste them--

Dear Shoe Fairy...
             If you give these to me--I promise to wear them everyday--and love them forever
             and ever...


J'adore Marc Jacobs

"I will take one of everything...okay...thanks....." I wish they had couture served up like a fast food drive through. "Um yes, I'll take the Marc Jacobs collection to go-- " Preferably at drive through prices as well--hrm--someone should get to work on this genius idea.


I am drooling over this jacket--

This top is just breathtaking. 

Has anyone else noticed that painted faces seem to be the make-up trend of fashion week? Interesting....

26 January 2010

SAG Awards--

I really think that the fashion displayed at major awards ceremonies is getting boring. Celebrities are not breaking the mold the way they used to. I was surprised by a few at the SAG awards and their willingness to go outside of the box and to look ---Fabulous---

My favorite look of the night I think-- it was edgy and architecturally interesting. I love the shoulders and the fact that it is a short dress.  

The color of this dress is what made it ultimatly amazing...Otherwise I think it would have been just another greecian fit dress.

I love the texture-- the color of this gown is gorgeous.

Amazing shape-- she is always bold in her choices and gets a big thumbs up from me.

She makes some interesting choices for the red carpet. I think the pull of the fabric on the dress is quite different-- I love how it gathers at the bottom. 

The textured tiers at the bottom and the jeweled bodice makes this another favorite of mine. It is flattering to her shoulders and something new-- Love--

High praise for the risk takers...

Marie Antoinette-esque...

I really love Christian Diors Spring 2010 Couture collection. It was vibrant-- what the court of Versailles would be rockin' today if they were walking the the hall of mirrors...

-the gardens-



-horse ride-



-a ball-

22 January 2010

Art of Elysiums Gala--Extravagant

I can't believe I forgot about this. The Art of Elysiums Gala was the other day and a few of my favorites really dressed to impress. I love events like these when the celebrities get creative and embrace the 'art that is fashion'. They really put themselves out there and some went ultra bold--- the pieces are interesting and breathtaking---

The sleeves are just wild-- she always looks almost too perfect so it was nice to see her come out of her 'zone' with this creative piece. 


Olsens' look is my favorite. She looks like a modern victorian. The dress is gorgeous...the lace is just stunning...and then she topped the look with dramatic lip color. Awesome.

The  fabric excentuating her hips is fantastic. Love the drama of this dress.


I just really love the shape of this dress.  The form is incredible-- definitely something new and fresh.