24 April 2010

--lovely little find--

i am always looking for organic hair and body wash products. i don't believe in putting unnecessary chemicals in my hair and on my skin if i don't have to. plus, anything with eucalyptus and lavender in it makes me swoon. so when my mom brought me 'tea tree tingle shampoo & conditioner' and 'refresh body wash' from trader joe's i was curious. i looked at the back of the bottles and to my surprise i recognized everything that was in it. some of the first ingredients in the hair products are tea tree oil, eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint.( i could pronounce it all) it is all herbal and it smells divine. the citrus refresh body wash is grapefruit and  citrus filled. it smells fresh and clean. (the way all body wash should smell..forget that overwhelmingly nauseating perfumery stuff)

of course the ultimate test was how the products made my hair and skin feel...and to my astonishment...not only are they all natural and healthy but they work phenomenally. i must personally thank the genius's behind trader joe's bath and body section: i applaud you. did i mention they are only 3.99 , and personally, it worked a million times better then the last tea tree shampoo i bought (paul mitchell at 40 bucks a pop) and it did not have any harsh chemicals in it stripping my hair.

my next purchase is going to be their lavender body scrub---yummm...

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