08 February 2010

wedding dresses--

so i have been marathoning "say yes to the dress" for a couple of days and felt that this post was inevitable. i sit watching my tv in awe at the fact that some women have no idea what they like or dislike  immediatley when it comes to picking out their wedding dress. i decided to test my tastes and to see if i would know what i like or if i would literally stare at a dress and think "hrm... im just not sure...". I went onto Kleinfelds website and looked through every single one of the dresses they have available to see online (in less then an hour--- taking a bow---) and I can tell you that I knew instantly what I did or did not love-- and as we stand right now if I were to become engaged in a years time I could walk into Kleinfelds and show them the list of dresses that I wanted to try on-- and the winners are...

This one ^ is my favorite-- so don't steal it--






For an added "oomph"-- I also decided how my hair will be done and-- viola!


You can probably tell that my style is very whimsical and midsummer--the dresses that I chose all have common shapes and I like the lighter silks and taffetas. with the added hair piece I would undoubtedly win some sort of 'jane austen modern bride' competition.

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