06 May 2010

...cranes & glowing lights...

some beautiful things... i was obsessed with origami for awhile and would fold  all the time. i was always trying to figure out how to incorporate my piles of cranes and roses into something artistic and beautiful. i found a couple of ideas that im so excited to try out. let the folding begin. i also found some more decorative ideas that i am just fawning over. 

im just so in love with this chandelier. i have seen it in other pictures and really like the fact that it has such an unusual shape. a ship on the water.
beautiful mixed patterns and art to add charm to a black desk and white walls. you all know how i love my black and white. 
the circle collage on this wall is really great. i like the overlapping and bright colors.
this is a great way to make the most of a small space. your own creative space that you can hide away.
this table is just amazing. i am going to own one no matter what. i have to have it!
the hanging lights are so contemporary but that provide this elegance. floating lights across the ceiling. brilliance in my book.
this is just like the little black and white one but full size and full colored. i am obsessed with these fabulous little tables. ob-sess-ed.
i posted a shower curtain like this a few weeks back. i think my shower and bed might match so day because it is just so perfect as a blanket too.
if i ever decided to get married on the fly-- and didn't have time to save for the wedding of my opulent dreams-- this is how i would do it. tall trees, hundreds of white lights and lanterns, and a cool 72 degrees. (i can control the weather) this is also what my backyard will look like when i have one. nothing is better than a glass of wine, lovely hanging lights , and good conversation. amen!

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