20 May 2010

...introducing sarah...

Hi Terese's Blog! My name is Sarah:

My interests include politics, international relations,anthropomorphizing religion, spinning around in the kitchen (see picture above), holding other people's babies, taking pictures of stuff as I'm driving by, riding my beach cruiser, and traveling the world. I just joined the Peace Corps and leave for Eastern Europe in the fall. My eyes are green and I like the summertime.

Terese is one of my best friends. We met in the fall of 2008 when we worked at the same place. We weren’t friends at first. She didn’t like me I think. But like all works of fate, we realized we were meant to be together. This lady has been with me through it all: an engagement, playing UNO, planning a fabulous wedding that never happened (seriously though it would have been a fabulous event), the aftermath of a giant breakup, running into my Mormon friends during a drunken movie theater incident (pouring wine into water bottles can be dangerous in terms of unknown consumption potential), etc,good times,etc. And that is my ode to Terese…

Anyway, I was given very little direction as to what this guest post should be about. While I do love fashion, I can’t say I’m too particular or care much about owning designer stuff and if I wear something that costs more than 30$ I start to feel anxious that I’m going to ruin it. But my basic fashion philosophy is to wear what you love, wear what you feel comfortable in, wear what you can afford (my dad instilled a healthy respect for frugality in me at a young age), and lastly wear what makes YOU feel like you.

So, without further overly-worded ado, here are some pictures of me just being me in my clothes:

I have enjoyed making this instant human connection with you! Huzzah!


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