02 May 2010

--gardens of the world--

with spring comes showers and blossoming flowers-- for that reason i have been looking up gardens for when we finally re-do our backyard. (just waiting for the cash influx) i have stumbled upon some of the most beautiful gardens and decided that one day when i dominate the world financially that i will have a replica of the Versailles as my home (or i might just buy the real one.)

The Palace of Versailles, France: ( I lived here in a previous life, or so I like to think since it holds such magic in it for me.)

The Boboli Gardens, Italy: ( Imagine putting white lights throughout those trees-- it would be magnificent.)

Monet's Garden, Giverny: ( The place I dreamt of  when I was little after I read a book on Monet. He has been my favorite artist since I was ten-- it was love at first lily.)

The Butchart Gardens, Victoria B.C.: (This place is so colorful it looks unreal. Like Charlie recreated his Chocolate Factory with floral arrangements.)

Yu Yuan Gardens, Shanghai: (Just really stunning-- look at the architecture. This is less foliage and more man made art. )

Exbury Gardens, England: ( It's like you jumped into a Jane Austin novel, no wonder why they were always going on walks in the country...this was what they got to enjoy.)



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Taryn said...

I have been to the Boboli gardens and they are so pretty! I wish we had been there in the summer because they are more in bloom then.