10 May 2010

---who knew ...Costco?---

i went to costco with my mom the other day and was just in search for the basics. ( large quantities of toilet paper, 20 toothbrushes, and enough coffee to last out the year) than, a magical thing happened. a small jewelry stand that was guest spotting for the week. they are called jewelry to your doorstep, and may I just say, they can bring jewelry to my doorstep whenever they would like. Their pendants, rings, and cuffs had me whirling. They are so beautiful and I wish I had  $10,000 sitting in my bank account for some frivolous spending... I would have bought them out. Look at these statement pieces and tell me that you don't want to own them. (The tiger eye ring EXCLAMATION POINT. i have been searching for this ring for years. i want it more than i should be willing to admit)

i get a kick out of the octopus ocean cuff. brilliant. 

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Jessica Weingarten said...

Woah, those are gorgeous! I may just have to head over there!

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