13 January 2010

Up , up, and Away--Thigh High's

Thigh high boots are my new "wish I could pull these off" item. Unfortunately, only women who are tall and leggy seem to be able to pull these suckers off. I linked a few of my favorite runway pictures that make the thigh high boot a total look. Work it, work it...

Louis Vuitton Fall 2009

These patterned boots are great-- and I love how the material of the coat really brings out the detailing on the boots.

The ribbon ties up the leg and then the ruched material that protrudes from the leg once it reaches the thigh make this my favorite boot-- no question-- Vuitton did it the best.



 I love the pattern on these boots-- no question that they make this outfit.

Here they are again in gold---"De-Vine"

Chloe 2009 RTW

This fold over thigh highs are fabulous. The design of the boots makes them a little dominatrix but the texture of the fabric makes them just the right amount of feminine--love.

Stella McCartney Fall 2009


Stella's boots are so high they can be worn as pants it seems. I like this idea but im not sure how comfortable that would be. Either way-- it looks amazingly sexy.

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