22 January 2010

Art of Elysiums Gala--Extravagant

I can't believe I forgot about this. The Art of Elysiums Gala was the other day and a few of my favorites really dressed to impress. I love events like these when the celebrities get creative and embrace the 'art that is fashion'. They really put themselves out there and some went ultra bold--- the pieces are interesting and breathtaking---

The sleeves are just wild-- she always looks almost too perfect so it was nice to see her come out of her 'zone' with this creative piece. 


Olsens' look is my favorite. She looks like a modern victorian. The dress is gorgeous...the lace is just stunning...and then she topped the look with dramatic lip color. Awesome.

The  fabric excentuating her hips is fantastic. Love the drama of this dress.


I just really love the shape of this dress.  The form is incredible-- definitely something new and fresh.

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