20 January 2010

Who Did It Better?

Vogue: United States


Vogue: United Kingdom

Vogue: Latin America

Vogue: Germany

Vogue: China

Vogue: Spain

Vogue: Greece

Vogue: Japan

Vogue: France


Vogue: Taiwan


Vogue: Australia

Vogue: Brazil

Vogue: India

Vogue: Korea

Vogue: Portugal

Vogue: Russia

Vogue: Italy


hippyhippychic said...

My favs are Russia, Brazil and Germany but they are all very beautiful!
Thank you for your sweet email, am following your blog now

hippyhippychic said...

actually i'm not following, having a bit of trouble with blogger, its being a pain atm. will try and sort it out soon

Alya said...

Can we even compare anything to the Paris covers? They're my favorite. They are soo NOT mainstream, unlike the US ones which you can spot a mile away.