18 January 2010

Military Jackets

Is anyone as obsessed with the military/band jackets that have flown onto the shelves as I am?  I love, love, love them. Here are some designer duds-- wish I could afford these 'pieces of art' but for now I will embrace my Forever21 look-a-likes and look for a way to make my first million.

 This Balmain is my favorite. I love the detailing (especially the shoulders)-- It looks like it is from a different century and that is what I find so appealing.

Marc Jacobs military jacket could go with anything. I would wear it with jeans or a dress. Someone buy me this please! 

Stella McCartneys' version of an elegant military jacket. The neckline is gorgeous. 

If I were to ride a motorcycle-- I would be wearing this with a pair of killer over the knee boots. 
It looks like something Henry VII ( Jonathan Rhys Meyers version) would wear to kick some ass--

There will come a day when I will have a closet the size of a house but until then I will post my lust lists and weep.

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